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About Aprikots

About Us

Aprikots was founded to make products made in Armenia more accessible worldwide - to support Armenian artisans and make an impact on Armenia's economy. We've created a directory of over 6,700 products that are made in Armenia, with an advanced search functionality to provide consumers with the ability to search for specific categories or types of products. By clicking on each product, you will be taken to the seller's website, where you may purchase the product.

If you are a small business owner or artisan in Armenia and would like to add your products to our directory, please click here to submit a request.

Naturmort With Cup of Coffee, Coffee Beans And Musical Instrument
Armenian ancient style pottery clay cup in pomegranate shape the market Vernisazh

Our Mission

As Armenian-Americans, we believe that the strength and influence of the Armenian community is found in unity. We've launched this website to help the Armenian community encourage, support, and inspire each other by investing in products that are made in Armenia. We, as Armenians, have learned through many painful trials and tribulations that our homeland, Armenia, can only rely on the support of its citizens and the Armenian diaspora to survive, let alone thrive. We are proud to see the amazing accomplishments of our nation and our people and believe that we should all make a conscious effort to do our part, however small, to help the Armenian economy thrive.

How You Can Help

Don't see your favorite Armenian-made products on our site? Please click here to let us know.

Dolls in Armenian national costumes. Flea market Vernissage Yerevan, Armenia