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Armenian BD & Other Armenian Business Directories

Armenian BD & Other Armenian Business Directories
Published on: March 03, 2021

One of the silver linings from the recent war and turmoil in Armenia has been the desire for many Armenians, especially those in the Armenian diaspora, to empower and support the Armenian community. One way to support each other is to purchase from Armenian brands and businesses. Like us, many others have found ways to make these brands and businesses more accessible. We thought it would be helpful to provide a directory of Armenian business directories to help you find the products and services you may be looking for in the Armenian community.

Armenian BD

Provides domestic and international Armenian news, videos, Armenian business directory, classified listings and events.

Tatik Streetwear

Patil Toutounjian's brand, Tatik Streetwear, is all about providing a platform for supporting Armenian artists and designers by selling apparel incorporating their designs. Patil has also created a business directory of Armenian businesses around the world.

Armenian Listing

Directory of CA-based Armenian businesses and classified listings.

The Big Fat Armenian List

Coming soon - a directory of US-based Armenian businesses and products. Follow them on Instagram for updates! IG: @thebigfatarmenianlist

Please email us at info@aprikots.com to let us know if we've missed your favorite Armenian business directories!